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Why choose MGR CPA?

Updated: Nov 14, 2018

"Why should we hire you to prepare our taxes when we could just go to the tax place inside the mall or pay $50 for the program that has all the witty commercials with that guy from Mad Men?"

In truth, this is not a conversation I've had recently, but I've had similar conversations many times over the course of my career. That question has never bothered me. though. No one has to choose to use my firm over the tax pro down the street or the virtual tax pro online. The difference between those options boils down to value. What are you getting for what you are paying? At MGR CPA, the answer is, you're getting a lot. Aside from over 15 years as a tax adviser, I offer a number of other services most boutique firms cannot. The biggest advantage I offer is a proactive approach to tax planning. If you're only talking to your adviser once a year and its them asking for your tax documents in February, you're missing out on critical planning opportunities in November and December. For 2018, Congress gave the U.S. numerous tax law changes, the scope of which has not been seen since 1986. How do these new laws change your situation? The truth is, if your tax pro isn't planning with you, they are doing you a large disservice.

If you are ready for a change, click on the link for online booking and schedule your complimentary tax review today.

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